my strengths and weaknesses.

1st day in new sem..best lah jugak claz td..gelak3 je..lecture pun oke je..sonot~~alhamdulillah..

yg wat aku tertarik..1st question is..what is your strengths and what is your weaknesses?? hurm,..aku fikir..punye fikir..jawapan aku..strength is addicted with cooking..weaknesses is talking..leh pakai x jwpn aku tuh??

then..now..i thinking about that..is it true? i learn strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats..short name SWOT..i learn about this since form four..in subject KEUSAHAWANAN…then used this SWOT in marketing subject..but i never used in my own life..in my reality life..

this time for myself to think about that..what is my SWOT?? kegunaan SWOT ni dalam hidup kite amatlah berfaedah yea kwn3..untuk kite capai matlamat hidup kite pun kite boleh guna benda nie..

i think these...

my strengths

- reading..i can read in almost time..i love reading..

- cooking..i can cook and i can learn new recipe with my own..

my weaknesses

- number.. i cant handle calculation in simple way..

- trust..i easily trust my friend..

- friendship..i weak with this relationship name..i can friends with anyone..but..they didn’t call me as friend..

so..to my readers..what is your opinion?? **poyo lak ayat aku tuh kan??ignore je ye**


[if my grammar are wrong..please help me to correct my mistake..]

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Fiq berkata...

my comment is no comment. haha... normal la kome ada strengthn weakness...all normal human being ad benda tuh..=)

LORD ZARA 札拉 berkata...


I miss that kind of activities in entrepreneur class and counselor thingy as well~

One u know your strengths, use it, manipulate it up until u can't be defeated. That's what I'm doing in my life.

Weakness, never revealed it to others unless its necessary (to share or whatsoever)

zella berkata...

i also weak on numbers hahahahah

Tanpa Nama berkata...

mengape la ko boco rahsia ko sendri~

besh la ko da naek sem?
pasni mesti ko bz2 kan~

butterfly berkata...


u must be pro in this kind things right? i will take ur advice..do not share with other person our weakness..

waa..same type with me..can be frenz,,:))

taklah bocor semua rahsia..bz sket3 kot..sket jerw...muahahahaha=]