Titipan dari dalam hati.

Life is not easy but life is fun.
Love is joy but is come with tears.
Someone may come and go easily,
However, the memories with them are not easy to delete,
It takes time or may not be forget.
Friends may come and walk away,
Only the real friend will with you all the way.

Sometimes I feel give up in my life, but I know, Allah don’t like people easily give up. There are too many challenges in our life. I have to be patient with all of this because Jannah will be my reward. I will be strong, insya’allah.

U may have new relationship, I sincerely pray for your happiness. Forget our story because it is already became history. Past is part just looking your future.  I’m not for you for now or maybe our story now have to be end. To be honest, I’m not hoping you and I will be in love again. I am looking for someone really wants to be my husband not only my boyfriend. All the best for your new relationship.

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millerJ berkata...

hello dear! jesse bw and dropping by here...nice to meet ya ^___^

p/s: be strong and leave the rest to Him. bcoz He already planned everyting for us.. smile and face it. i know u r strong girl! have a good day (^__^)

Cik Siti Hajar berkata...

thanks... nice to meet u too...